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How To Connect Two Rain Barrels Together

Rain barrels are a great way to collect and store rainwater for later use. By connecting two rain barrels together, you can increase the amount of water that you can collect and store. This guide will show you how to connect two rain barrels together using a PVC pipe.

How To Connect Two Rain Barrels Together

There are a few ways to connect two rain barrels together. One way is to use a Y-shaped connector, which will allow the water from each barrel to flow into the other. Another option is to use a PVC pipe connector, which will allow you to direct the water from one barrel into the other. Lastly, you can use a hose connector to attach the two barrels together. Whichever method you choose, make sure that the connection is secure and that there is no leakage.

-Two rain barrels -A hose to connect the two rain barrels together -Tape

  • Using a hose to connect the tfitting to the downspout
  • Connecting the threaded spigots on the rain barrels
  • Using a t
  • Fitting to join the two spigots

-To connect two rain barrels together, first find the spot on each barrel where the fittings will be attached. -Using a hacksaw, cut the fitting off of one barrel at the spot marked. -Thread the fitting onto the spigot of the other barrel. -Screw on the cap to cover the opening where the fitting was cut.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Daisy Rain Barrel?

A daisy rain barrel is a rain barrel that uses a screen with small holes to allow water to enter, but keep debris and insects out. The barrel is then filled with daisies, which act as a natural filter for the water.

Can You Connect Rain Barrels?

Rain barrels can be interconnected with each other in order to collect more rainwater. By doing so, you can water your garden or lawn easily and save money on your water bill.

How Do You Make A Double Rain Barrel?

A double rain barrel system collects and stores rain runoff from two roofs, allowing you to store more water for later use. The two barrels are connected with a spout, and the water is gravity-fed from one barrel to the next.


To connect two rain barrels together, use a T-fitting to join the barrels at the bottom. This will create a system in which water can flow between the barrels. Be sure to place the barrels on level ground and use a hose to direct the water into your desired location.

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